I Still Hear You: The Best of 2020

I realized I forgot to post this here, and I wanted to include it for anyone out there who may be reading but does not follow me on social media. In 2013, I began to blog about my favorite albums of the year right here. I’ve done it every year since.

At the start of a new decade, I decided to take it offline, to resist the ease of technology and create more spaces to connect with people in real life. This year, the only way to read about my favorite albums is through a physical zine, with roughly 400 words per 15 albums. I Still Hear You: A Listener’s Guide to 2020 is the most intimate writing on music I’ve done to this point.

If you would like a copy, I have asked for a donation to Texas Jail Project, an organization committed to honoring the humanity of incarcerated persons. You can send me your donation through Venmo (@benjamintaylor) with your address as the comment. I will send 100% of your donation along to TJP and the zine to your home.

Here is my playlist of the songs that saw me through 2020.

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