Published Work


“Is It Too Late For Male Friendships?” Electric Literature, March 2023

“Emptied,” under the gum tree, Spring 2022 (Print)

“A Little Voice That Never Quits,” Lunch Ticket, September 2021

“A Resounding Yeehaw for Cowboy Kermit,” Midnight Snack, Fall 2021

“A Man Who Literally Goes to Therapy,” Lunch Ticket, April 2021

“Some Notes on Enchantment,” HASH Journal, April 2021

“The Lone Star,” No Contact Mag, Issue 13, November 2020 / shortlisted for The Forge Literary Magazine‘s Flash Competition

“Once Again, the Western,” New Critique, January 2021

“Murder Mystery: Knives Out Edition,” Oyez Review, Issue 48, May 2021

“Offscreen: Evading Whiteness in Spring Breakers,” Postscript Magazine, Issue 38: Gulf, April 2021

“No True West,” Bridge Eight Press, April 2020

“Learning to Grieve,” Variety Pack, Issue IV, January 2021

“Close Listening: Paying a Different Attention to Music,” Lunch Ticket, January 2021

“Being There: Education in an Emergency,” Lunch Ticket, November 2020

“I Know Alone,” Lunch Ticket, August 2020

“Trophy Kids,” AUSTERE Magazine (Print)


“A Review of Donald Antrim’s One Day in April: A Story of Suicide and Survival,” Colorado Review, April 2022

“‘Taking Liberties’: Four Views of Maggie Nelson’s On Freedom,” Heavy Feather Review, October 2021

“Like Magic: A Review of Hanif Abdurraqib’s A Little Devil in America,” The Athenaeum Review, Issue 6, Summer 2021 (Print & Online)

“Collective Memories: Clint Smith’s How the Word Is Passed,” Porter House Review, August 2021

“‘Response as Strategy’: A Review of Claudia Rankine’s Just Us,” Heavy Feather Review, August 2021

“A Review of Krys Malcolm Belc’s The Natural Mother of the Child,” Colorado Review, June 2021

“Prime Ads during Mad Men,” The Drift, Mentions, June 2021

“Kurt Vonnegut’s Seasons,” The Drift, Issue 4, Mentions, May 2021

“Heavy Feeling”: A Review of Gina Nutt’s Night Rooms,” Heavy Feather Review, April 2021

“Saving the Suburbs: On Jason Diamond’s The Sprawl,” Newfound Magazine, Volume no. 11, Issue I, March 2021

“Grief is a Garden: A Review of Melissa Valentine’s The Names of All the Flowers,” The Adroit Journal, February 2021

“Re-mystifying Language: A Review of E.J. Koh’s The Magical Language of Others,” The Adroit Journal, September 2020

“Suburban Wars: A Review of 33 1/3’s Pretty Hate Machine and The Suburbs,” The Athenaeum Review, May 2020

“Fraying the Thread of Whiteness: A Review of Jess Row’s White Flights,” The Adroit Journal, December 2019

“To Whom Does Music Belong? A Review of Why Karen Carpenter Matters and Why Lhasa de Sela Matters,” The Athenaeum Review, November 2019

“A Small Revolution Within a Larger One: A Review of Women Talking,” The Athenaeum Review, August 2019

“A Group, a Sound, and an Era: A Review of Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes on a Tribe Called Quest,” The Athenaeum Review, May 2019

nonsermons, essays on spirituality published biweekly on New South Journal in 2019:

#1: my religion

#2: my selves

#3: my meanings

#4: my unbelief

#5: my prayers

#6: my ghosts

#7: my church

#8: my soul

Academic Publications:

“DAMNed to the Earth: Kendrick Lamar, De/colonialism, and Earthbound Salvation,” co-authored chapter with Melanie Jones in Kendrick Lamar and the Making of Black Meaning, ed. Christopher M. Driscoll, Monica R. Miller, and Anthony B. Pinn, Routledge, October 2019

“The Free Black Artist: Frank Ocean Through a Decolonial Lens,” Black Theology: An International Journey, 6 Dec. 2018,

Fiction & Poetry:

“How It Is Now,” poem in descant, Volume 59, Winter 2020 (print)

“The One About Us,” poem in FreezeRay Poetry, Issue 15, Spring 2018

“Admission,” poem in Epigraph Magazine, Issue 16, Fall 2017

“God Rests His Soul,” short story in eleven40seven, Fall 2012

“If I Don’t Get Picked,” poem in eleven40seven, Spring 2011

Articles for DJBooth:

Editor’s Picks:

“The Actor Is Present: Childish Gambino’s Last Act,” November 2019

“Tyler, the Creator’s Fearless, Anti-Frankenstein Reinvention,” May 2019

“Vince Staples Knows You’re Having ‘FUN!’ (That May Not be a Good Thing),” November 2018

4:44 One Year Later: Reframing a Legacy Through JAY-Z’s Short Films,” June 2018

“Listeners in the Hands of a Projected God: Yeezus Five Years Later,” June 2018

“5 Ways to Talk About Spotify’s Hateful Conduct Policy & its Implications,” May 2018

DAMN. in Reverse is a Warning and a Wake-Up Call,” December 2017, 5th most read article of the year

“A Fascinating Theory Linking JAY-Z’s 4:44 & Page 444 of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man,” August 2017

Other Selected Articles:

“So It Goes: Mac Miller’s Duty-Dance With Death,” September 2018

“White People, You Don’t Have to Say the N-Word,” May 2018

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